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Chemical Development Services

We take-up NCE development for the customers with value addition on quality, pricing and robust technology development. We have expertise right from route scouting, Process Development, scale-up to commercial scale of NCEs of preclinical and clinical phase molecules.

Chemistry expertise:

Our Process R&D team has expertise in developing and scaling up of multi step processes for complex chemistries like, heterocyclics, carbohydrates, organometallics, nucleosides, Polysaccharide chemistry with high molecular weight like 5000 Daltons ( Enoxaparin, Pentosan ) etc.

We have successfully developed and scaled-up many chemistries, some of those are as follows

Alkylation and Acylation

Aminations (Reductive/Chiral)

Asymmetric Hydrogenations (Catalytic and hydrogen transfer)

Chiral synthesis

Grignard reactions

Organometallics (Alkyl Lithium/LDA)

Reductions using metal hydrides, Pd/C, Raney Nickel



Enzymatic chemistry






Formylation and deformylation


The team is well versed in Process Development aspects like route scouting, alternate reagents, solvent selection, impurity profiling, catalyst screening etc. We also use QbD tools for identifying the CPPs/CMAs for developing products.

Process Research & Development:

We optimize the process for cost effectiveness, high efficiency for delivering gram scale to multi kilogram orders.

Custom Chemical Synthesis:

We do take-up custom chemical synthesis for developing & delivery of wide range of chemicals from small scale to large scale within agreed timelines with superior quality.

Analytical Research & Development:

AR&D team have thorough understanding in various analytical techniques that are critical in developing efficient, accurate, reliable analytical methods.

Process Safety Evaluation:

The process safety data shall be generated and evaluated before scale-up/manufacturing. It is to ensure the risk-free operation during commercial manufacturing. The data will be generated using various thermal screening instruments like Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), Thermal Screening Unit (TSu), Reaction Calorimetry (RC1), and powder safety assessment/dust explosion studies.